What Is Spiritual Ascension?

In its simplest definition Ascension is the moment when the soul completes its human experience or physical journey and returns home to Source for good. This involves much more than just completing the death process and going to the light. Ascension can only be achieved when a soul transforms beyond the chains of the Karmic wheel and the reincarnation process.

So how do we get to that point and what does that mean exactly?

To understand Ascension, you must first have some idea of what you really are, beyond the illusion of the physical.

Consider these 4 key points.

1. The physical world around us is just an illusion that we have created to explore the concept of individuality. Physical reality resembles a computer program more closely than what actually is. Think of yourself as a conscious being of energy that, in its natural state, lacks a physical form.

2. A soul is made up of certain pure energies that are known as soul elements. These elements are found in every soul and cannot be destroyed. Each soul uses these energies to create a unique individual expression that is The Self of that soul. No two souls are identical.

3. Each soul is an individual and a sliver of the collective whole simultaneously. Each state, individual and collective, is equally crucial to the whole. One cannot exist without the other as they are bonded together by the same energies. Each soul is loved without condition for its unique expression of self. Each soul has the free expression of that self, free from fear of rejection or judgment. The Source is loved in a way that we cannot comprehend in our altered state. It is everything we crave within and so much more! It is the Source for all that we are, need and want for.

4. Think of energy as having certain qualities such as sound, vibration, motion, frequency, density and, PH. to name a few. Energies can be mixed to form complex expressions of compatible frequency or distorted to created slower denser compounds that can only exist in slower frequencies and ranges of energy (by their nature or design rather than decree).

Before we consider the effects of the physical illusion on the soul we should understand why we created the physical realm in the first place.

We are by nature a very inquisitive consciousness, always exploring our potential in an infinite number of ways. We exist in a state of duality that is as embedded in our perception of reality as deeply as, our physical body is connected to our sense of self here. We have created a physical plane of restriction to experience our self in a new unique way. So much has been discovered: true individuality, vulnerability, lack, the physical feel of the world on us, the sense of loneliness, emotion and struggle.

In order to truly comprehend the ramifications of humanity we had to perceive ourselves as exclusively human. By design, we overwhelmed our senses in such magnitude that we forgot who and what we really are. We focused more on the game than on ourselves until we lost all sense of self.

Remember that this fall in consciousness needed to occur for us to successfully know what the effects of such a reality would really be on us. We had to embrace the illusion to fully explore it. This was planned, it is not a mistake, it is only an experience. We will move on from it.

When we created the illusion of a transitory fragile self, alone in a universe of unknown ever-changing circumstance, we did not know what the outcome would be. We had no knowledge of fear but, that is what we created in many different distortions.

To counter fear we gave life to Ego. For the first time we lowered our vibratory rates. We increased in density to the point that we could no longer manifest at will and move between planes of consciousness. We moved from the position of creator to tenant. People turned away from the truth of duality and embraced individuality. We committed sins against each other and our self. We sank away from the light, down into distortion, to a place where Illusion became reality over all else.

A stunning outcome, this place we choose to be now!

No matter how much you embrace the illusion, or how deep you sink, the truth still exists. You cannot destroy the soul that lives within each of us no matter how much Ego and E-motion you coat it in. Time is a relative geographical concept of the physical, part of the game. A millennium here is a blink of an eye at Source, we have not been away long, we will return soon.

When we return home it will be with full understanding of everything we have been through and resolved. It will be a great gift of wisdom and insight into self that we will happily share with those who did not join us in this experiment.

So how do we complete the experiment and return home? There are as many ways as there are souls. Angels tell us that “you simply choose to do so”. Just…

1. Surrender your ego consciousness and emotion, back to the physical realm it was created in. Let go of everything but Self.

2. Ask in your heart to go home and you will be there; rather you will rise there so quickly as to perceive the journey as instant.


As someone who has begged, prayed, and visualized for this process and yet still remains firmly planted in the physical, I have looked to my Spirit Guides for more detailed directions.


Every soul has free will, it is a gift of existence. In our natural state we are equally conscious of our individual self as we are of the collective self. The Collective self is not like a congress of politicians with competing goals and interests. We feel and connect with other selves as deeply as we do with our individual self, there is only a very subtle distinction between the two. There is no “them and us” there is only “I and We”.

Our memory of this connection to Source is what drives us to seek love. It can also make us feel that our love is not deep enough, or that something is lacking.

There is something lacking! No matter how hard we try or we pretend to surrender here, we can never fully be in tune with someone. To love completely you must let go of everything that stands between your soul and the one you love. It requires that you let go of your defensiveness and your judgment. You have to fully open yourself up, to share a mind and soul with someone, while maintaining your self, independent of that connection, at the same time.

The irony is that, if you do these required things, you raise your vibration back to an Angelic state.

When you do this, you change! As the ego perception of who you are and what you are capable of falls away, your consciousness rises in vibration to a plane where you regain all awareness of your whole true self. Your true self instantly embraces the truth of the great duality as self-evident. As your heart opens to the individual soul who’s love brought you to this point of consciousness, you reconnect with the love you feel for every other soul. You reconnect! You ascend because you have regained the ability to love unconditionally. It is the depth of our love for each other that binds us to the whole. This creates the I that is We.

Now, your ego may be screaming, “Wow that sucks!”

No one is special, no one is just there for me, this stuff is depressing! You forget. We are so much more as individuals than you could ever understand. True unconditional love is what binds us together, each one of us is a little sliver of perfection.

We exist in a very different dimension that is free from the limitations and perceptions that the physical world imposes. In the physical we seek resources for self-gain. At source, we are our resources and our self, we fuel each other, the bond between us is what holds ultimate value. These are truths we cannot comprehend until we remember our self.

Your quest to feel unique is a memory of being unique. Your need to feel special and loved is a memory of being just these things but also so very much more!

You are desperate to be loved by one person over all others because on some level you have given up all hope of even that really being possible. If it is not possible to be totally loved by one soul then how can you we good enough to be loved by all. Yet you are, at this very moment, loved. You are loved for who you truly are even if you cannot love the human avatar that you have chosen to express yourself through.

At Source, all does not mean the same. I can love you for x and her for Y and for the next soul the reasons will be totally different but the bond will be just as strong. The love you give will be as infinitely valuable to the ones you love, as the love you receive is valuable to you. The process is beyond words and comprehension here! Yet even after you have released your Ego and E-motional body to ascend, you must agree to ascend. This is where free will comes in, we always have choice on the highest levels.

Why wouldn’t you want to go home?

Leaving the physical realm, means leaving slivers of the collective self behind at a point when you have just reconnected with your greater self. How do you choose to look past the challenges these souls are engaged in and just step away? How do I go and leave a part of Me behind? The love that binds us at Source can do the same here. We can be drawn back in to help others, by the love for those you would be leaving behind.

There are certain truths you must accept if you want to set yourself free and ascend home.

1. Everyone of us chose to be here and we can not be held in this illusion against our soul’s will. If you want to ascend you must want that more than anything else and in that moment you will ascend.

2. You cannot save anyone who does not want to be saved. A soul finds its own pace and path.

3. You will not be judged for choosing to go home. This is a game, no one is really at risk, some souls will leave the game before others. You will feel in your heart whatever choice is right for you.

           Enlightenment is contagious! 

4. Who we are is forgotten momentarily. We just need a reminder to wake up. As you raise your vibratory rate and change your energies in preparation for spiritual ascension, other souls will be inspired by you. Your awareness will create desire in others around you to follow in your footsteps, to achieve what they admire in you.

5. Sometimes all you need to know is that you have a choice. This is why I am writing this article! I want you to know that you do not have to pay for every sin you have committed with blood and tears. You do not have to be perfect or saintly. All you have to be is willing to let all of this go, and you will ascend! Let go of your fear! Love who you are! It is the best thing you can do for yourself and for everyone else to.

The important thing to remember about all of this is that very few of us ascend instantaneously. For the majority of souls on the planet, it will take many lifetimes to achieve Ascension.

Are there things that we can do to speed up the Ascension process?

The more we know ourselves, our motivations, desires and fears, the better we are at making good choices. If you shine the light of self awareness on the path, you will avoid the pitfalls and find the short cuts. There are many ways to do this and many ways to assess where you are on your path. Just know that no one can do it for you, no one can release your Karma or open all of your Chakras wide. You have chosen the state you are in. Like any worthwhile project, the best place to start is with an opening inventory of who you are, know your strengths, be honest about your weaknesses. Approach life with humility and a desire to learn. There are many tools on this website that can help you do this.

The key is to keep looking until you find a path or tool that resonates within you. Some people will look towards Religion, Tarot, Yoga or the I Ching. The key is to find the deeper meaning to the choices and circumstances of life without ignoring the moment. You have to consider things differently, using compassion and inquisitiveness.

If you would like to get an idea of where you are at right now, I would consider having some Soul Art done.

Soul Art is a sketch of your energy body that maps the active energies present in your higher and conscious energy bodies. If you can visualize yourself as energy,  you can make significant change quickly. It gives you an effective tool for change that cuts through a lot of the stuff that prevents us from growing. Many people suffer with a distorted perception of who they are and how they deal with things. This can challenge that. It is a great gift for someone who is dealing with emotional issues, depression or abusive behaviours. When I am asked to work with a young person, it is the tool I reach for to help them. When I read for people seeking spiritual understanding or emotional healing, I use Soul Art. It is always easier to fix I problem you can visualize.

Soul Art shows you how everything that seems unrelated is connected. It helps you to understand that as you work through an issue over here, something unexpected is being resolved over there in your life. If you begin to think in new patterns, you can feel and control the flow of energy. Eventually you will invite higher vibrations of energy in to your active energies and your life will begin to flow in balance and with harmony.



2 thoughts on “What Is Spiritual Ascension?

  • November 1, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    You have a very interesting website, Tara. This core concepts idea is like what Ester Hicks writes about in regard to the Source. I have read a lot about this and find it fascinating. Unfortunately, I have not been successful at applying the principles. I will have to explore your site further.

  • November 7, 2017 at 12:11 PM

    I have not read Ester Hicks. I think that it is great that there are so many other people out there spreading the word. It gives me hope! I hope you enjoy the site. If there are any questions you have, drop me an email. I am always looking for good post ideas.


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