What is Selfishness? What are the benefits of being selfish?

Selfishness is a beautiful, vibrant turquoise light that shines with awareness through a soul. Selfishness says, “I will do only what is in my higher self’s best interests. Period. No exceptions.” Before you panic, breathe and remember. You higher self wants what is best for you and the divine whole. You will still be loving, caring, nurturing, and responsible because that is what your divine self would want for you.

Living selfishly from an Over Soul perspective releases you from unwanted emotion. You will no longer feel trapped, out of control, and insecure. When you make decisions for your self there is nothing to be resentful of and there are no expectations of appreciation or payback. Everything that you strive to do will be based on what you need for you! What you will give will be given unconditionally because you choose to give for you. In other words you want to give for the act of giving rather than the rewards giving might bring. I know this is a leap and we have been taught to think of others first. This is an Ego based illusion that leads to insecurity, expectation and miscommunication.

The reality is that when you choose to be there for another soul you are honoring your commitment and connection with self. It is the least egoish thing you can do. Mother Teresa gave her life in service to the poor. This act affected the poor but she did not work for their appreciation. Her work was in service to God and to her higher self. She sought love from within and above, it was this awareness that allowed her service to touch so many people. The act of giving without condition or expectation made it trans formative for anyone who knew of her works. Her reward, desired and received, came from God Source and radiated within her.

I am not asking you to pull out of your life and run away, nor to let down the ones that you love. That’s not what this is all about. Your life is exactly as it should be, right this minute, there has been no mistake. There is no such thing as a mistake.

Karma has placed you exactly where you need to be for maximum learning and growth.

The key is to stop creating more Karma. You release Karma the same way you release Ego. They must be purged at the same time if we want to move forward. We do this by practicing selfishness and by using all the soul elements together, to experience and then navigate our world. In this way we starve the ego. Once we are making harmonious decisions our vibratory rate will rise, issues become less complex and emotion is less dense. This relaxes the Karmic wheel as we are learning from life at an accelerated pace. If you learn from the pebble, you do not need the rock.

What I am sharing with you can radically change this life and future lives! This is exciting to me as I want to break the cycle of reincarnation and just go back to God Source! I want to simplify the drama in my life so that I may live in peace and balance. Selfishness is a very powerful and all liberating soul element! It can change everything in your world if you choose to use it correctly. This path is not easy, your ego has a consciousness and it will fight hard to save its own life. The only way to win is to take your energy back from it. Completely! This means daily practice.


Remember that we are all joined together and that as one person wakes up, he or she makes it easier for everyone else to do the same. This is important. Your rise in consciousness makes awareness for others possible. That’s why truth has always been such a feared thing for those struggling to maintain the status quo. One person gets an idea and suddenly everybody has it.

The question is a simple one. Do you trust in the universal plan enough to surrender to it? (This does not mean that you have to give up your life and go work as a psychic, massage therapist, or Reiki Master or become the next saint! We need people in every walk of life waking up, transforming, so that others in our sphere of influence will begin to change as well.)

Growth is rarely comfortable, but we need strong leaders committed to change. There have to be examples that other people can follow. People need to relate to one another on basic levels. There has to be a similarity between us for you to be an inspiration for me.

Can you transform in the perceived chaos of your everyday life while holding the threads together? That is the challenge that leads to mastery!

Don’t start this journey because you want to lead. That is the wrong reason. It has to be about you and God Source or it will never work. The desire to influence people is Ego based. I mention this only so you will understand how your processes will affect the whole.

Selfishness may, on the surface, appear to be only about you. This may offend some readers. But remember, we will never be complete until every last soul has returned home. Your soul growth is as important to me as my own. We each have free will and everyone’s experience is by choice. No matter how hard that may be for us to understand, it is the truth. We can only honor the choices people make, while being as much help to them as we can. Compassion is also a soul element! Eventually, we will all make better choices. The journey is unique to each soul who travels it.

4 thoughts on “What is Selfishness? What are the benefits of being selfish?

  • October 23, 2017 at 4:21 PM

    Thank you for your interesting article. I particularly like the way you draw on your own journey. You mentioned that you would like to get off the wheel of reincarnation and return to God source, I found that particularly interesting. Do you believe returning to God source is our choice or we “graduate” off the karmic wheel?

    • October 24, 2017 at 1:25 PM

      I believe that we will eventually return to God Source and not have to reincarnate again. Ego and emotion keep us bound to the karmic cycle as we have to let go of these energies before we move on.

  • October 23, 2017 at 7:15 PM

    I do think we have to take care of ourselves first, before we can take care of others. I feel selfishness needs to be balanced with empathy & compassion.

  • November 7, 2017 at 1:03 PM

    I agree Alex. Many times what creates hard feelings in life is not so much a particular decision, as it is the way something was done. When you have to make difficult choices, running from the people involved always makes things worse. It can feel more comfortable to avoid the situation or to give in but no one gets their soul work done when that happens.

    We grow by being challenged to deal with and to get over our stuff, without taking on more. How we do that will determine the kind of person we are and the spiritual growth we make.

    Every act should be carried out with compassion, empathy and respect. We can’t protect people from the things they need to learn and we cannot control that learning process for someone either. This is why we must focus on our higher self first. This is our authentic self, that remembers its connection to the whole. If you listen to your higher self, it will always show you the best path to take.


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