What is an Aura / Energy Scan?

An Energy Scan Is A Diagram Of Your Aura

When our soul locks down into a physical body there are certain connections it must make and maintain for the two systems to work together effectively. We call these energy connection points Chakras. Seven major chakras exist within the body. Each centre connects with and powers a different frequency of energy.

Think of your physical body as a wind instrument. Your soul is the breath moving through that instrument. Together they create a collection of sounds and frequencies. Each chakra or finger position is designed to deal with a particular energy that has its own sound, vibration, frequency and light.

These energies flow in pathways up and down your spine, from the earth to God Source and, from God Source to the earth simultaneously.

Every soul in a physical body plays its own unique harmony based on restrictions and flow in the system, just like a flute! 

This is how we feed our energy system and, our body-to-soul connection. The quality, quantity and path of these energy flows affect the health and rotation of our chakras. If you get dirt in your flute, the sound is going to be off and eventually you will break the flute.

When Our Energy System Breaks Down In One Place, It Will Compensate In Other Places To Keep Your System Operational

In our effort to control the flow of our life, ego and emotions, we have become masters of contortion. We twist and pull at our energies, drawing more on some, while repressing others. As a result, we don’t function in the way we were designed to function.

We pool energy when we refuse to deal with our e-motion. When our ego fights with our higher self, when we refuse to act, when we act from fear or when we hold onto fear, energy imbalance is created. When energy sits and pools in places where it’s not supposed to be, dis-ease is created within the physical body. Our energy body tries to fight this process.

Over time our system finds a comfortable way to transport energies in distortions. This allows us to avoid dealing with our issues. As the system adjusts, every system becomes unique to the wearer of it. We are each out of balance in our own unique way.

When I Look At Your Auric System There Is A Lot Going On

I can see the flow and path between chakras, the density of the Chakra, drainage of energy off of the Chakra and any pooling that may be taking place. There are a number of factors, that I look for, that can tell you a lot about yourself, your health and your energy body. I am not a doctor and am not making diagnosis. I am just observing and sharing with you, what I see. 

This Session Is Like A Mini Course That Is Designed Especially For You

This session is almost like a little mini course that is especially designed for you. I’ll give you a diagram of how your energy is flowing and point out potential problems and dead spots (from surgeries or injury). 

Then, I will explain in detail what is happening in each point throughout your system. I will explain how you can help your body with the healing process. There are things we can do to strengthen energy centres just as there are ways we tend to weaken and destroy them. 

Chakra health is critical for a long life and a well-balanced emotional, physical and spiritual outlook. When the time comes, a strong Chakra system will make crossing to the other side easier and less stressful.

This work is most effective when done in person.