Tarot cards scattered across the table, ready to do a reading with.

What Can I Learn from A Psychic Tarot Card Reading?

If you need to know when your home will sell, when your promotion will come through or if you’re going on that trip, Tarot is the best tool to give you this information. If you are wondering how to deal with a relationship issue, struggling with conflicting paths in life, or just curious, a Tarot Card Reading is a good place to find answers.

A tarot card reading should show you your potential as you continue along with the same mindset that you are currently in. The reason you come for a session is to confirm that you’re on the right track, meaning that you are heading towards a favourable outcome. If you are on the wrong track and conflict is ahead, we look for ways to minimize that conflict and change the energies surrounding it. Sometimes this is a simple change in focus, sometimes it requires an attitude shift and total adjustment of your path. Tarot can save people a lot of hardship if it is used correctly. 

When I do a Tarot Card Reading I am also using my Channeling and mediumship abilities. I like to talk to your guides and a lot of what I say comes from above. It is not an analytical process.

I use Tarot as a timeline so that I can tell you when things will happen, month by month. I do two spreads, one for Financial and Career and another for Relationship and Family. Any event in your life will effect one or both of these categories. As many issues effect both areas of your life simultaneously, it’s common for the same cards to appear in the same spot in both spreads, despite a vigorous shuffle.

When you come for any reading with me, I want you to just sit and listen. I am not interested in you giving me any information except possibly, your birthdate. The less you tell me, the better your reading will be. When I am doing phone readings I will ask you to tell me about the weather so that I can lock onto you, using your voice.

My Tarot Card Reading will cover an 8-10 month time period. I expect to answer all of your questions during the reading. You are welcome to ask any questions that you may have, after I have finished the spreads. This way you are not spoon feeding me information that I could build on. I want you to have confidence in your reading.

Tarot is for you.

I consider privacy to be very important. I will not read for someone who is not present. Asking about your friends and family beyond your relationship with them is not allowed. For instance, you can’t come to me to learn about what’s going on in your sister’s marriage as its none of your business. However, I will talk to you about the challenges in your relationship with your sister. I may offer advice on how to support her in a way that may  heal your relationship with her. See the difference? One directly impacts your soul growth and life path, the other is just gossip.

As always, take what feels right for you and throw the rest away. We must each direct our own lives and make the best choices for our self. My goal is only to offer help and clarification to those who want my help.

Where Or How Can I Get A Tarot Card Reading Done

I do in person sessions in Red Deer, Alberta. Distance readings are done using Call Bridge for people all over the world. It provides a secure and private space for video conferencing and confrence calling. Once your session is booked you will receive easy to follow, low tech instructions on how to connect with me at the appropriate time.