Here is my commitment to you.

I take my work seriously, I believe that it’s what God intended for me to do in this life.

As a practitioner I keep my energy clear and on the highest vibration I can reach. My spiritual beliefs are the core of who I am and I do my best to live by them. I believe in Karma and life after death. I understand consequences. I channel Spirit Guides and Angels. Part of our agreement is that I pass on what I receive from them. I have made a commitment to this work on a soul level and I take it seriously because each and every time I sit down to a session my soul growth is on the line.

I believe 100% in what I do. Thousands of clients have found my sessions to be profound, helpful or uplifting. I’ve been doing reading professionally since 1982.

I feel very grateful to be of service.

This means that if I do not feel something, or have an answer to your question, I will tell you that I don’t know. If you are one of the rare people that I just can’t read, I will tell you that and refund your money. If you feel in the first half hour that I am way off base, I will refund your money. It is important that we are both satisfied with the service you receive.

A word about Mediumship

If a loved one who has passed is not in the room, or I can’t feel them, I will tell you. This is why I don’t charge for Mediumship. Come for a reading and if I connect with someone I’ll tell you but I make no promises, no one can. Mediumship is a conversation between two parties over a great space that takes skill on both sides of the equation. I will keep your contact information for 72 hours after a session in case I get a late night visitor with a message for you.

Yes, it does happen.

As with any Psychic Reading, the messages and information that I pass onto you have been filtered through me to you. My perception of what I am feeling, how I translate that into words, how you hear the message, can all cause distortions in the message.

For these reasons, what I say to you in a session is only my opinion. I don’t expect or want you to blindly act on it. We all are given the gift of free will. It is your responsibility to feel and think for yourself. Keep what works and makes sense to you. Throw the rest away. You are responsible for your own decisions and actions.

I take no responsibility for your actions, attitudes or beliefs.

“Readings are for fun and entertainment only”.
For many years on the road, our promoter used to make us put a sign on the front table at each show that said “Readings are for fun and entertainment only”. Her lawyer insisted on this to protect everyone from liability. I feel that this is a good way to aproach a reading. This way the insights you receive are a bonus that you have chosen to accept. This is now my policy.

Reading can’t be split between 2 people.

When you choose to have a reading with more than one service, those services must be used by one person only. It takes time and energy to create the foundation of a reading and there is overlap. Adding an additional item takes less time than it would to do a split.

Some clients in the past have become very frequent visitors, I do not believe this is good for the client.

Now, I only read for a client twice a year, unless you are in crisis and need the extra support. I am willing to help but I am not willing to take advantage or to make your life decisions for you. It is your life path after all, I hope you understand.

Feel free to book your session using your first name only. If you are booking for a group, I don’t want or need every ones full name. A first name will do.

If you would like to record your session please bring along a recording device. Most phones have apps for that now.

 Distance sessions

We use Zoom meetings to do video conferencing. When you book your session please select Video Conferencing as one of the services you would like.

I will email you an invitation with directions on how to download the app and then join the conference call.

If you are not comfortable using Zoom, you may also choose to call me at the appointment time. You will be responsible for any additional calling fees such as long distance and/or cellular charges.

Other things to consider

Cancellation Policy

When you book a session, time is set aside for you that could be used for another client.

If you give us 24 hours notice that you are canceling we will refund any deposit on file 100%

If you cancel within 24 hours or just do not show, we will keep 50% of any deposits on file. If you have an unexpected issue come up, please just contact us! In the event that we can fill your time slot, you will get your full deposit back. If I have some notice, I may waive the fee if you re book.

All fees are in Canadian Funds.