We are living in a time of great change and Transformation. It is a privilege to be on the Earth plane now as the opportunity for soul growth and self-expression has never been so great. Each individual soul has a specific path to fulfill and their success or failure will impact on the whole. While many of us are actively working with the Ascension energies, certain souls have been sent to make a difference.

Tara Wade is one of these souls.

Trained in the pyramids and secret societies of the past, Tara arrived in this lifetime with the skills needed to make a difference in the world
around her. From the earliest age Tara saw and communicated with Spirit. With puberty, her ability to see thought forms and auras
arrived. Her communication with her guides opened to a new level. She developed a strong trust in these guides and then began to channel.

People seeking answers were drawn to her and by age 13 she was leading Psychic Circles. She began lecturing and doing readings professionally. Some of those clients are still clients today.

Tara was not comfortable with the path of a psychic. When she was young, there were very few psychics around. As a child she lost friends because religious parents would not let their children play with her. People told her that she was doing the work of the devil. Tara knew in her heart that this was not true but, it caused a lot of hurt. It was hard being different, it was scary seeing dead people, it was devastating losing good friends. As a teen in high school things got easier as Tara learned how to handle people’s reaction to her. Many people thought she was a witch and there were many weird rumors that circulated about her “magical abilities”. Tara’s skills grew as she embraced her true self and stopped worrying about what people thought. Tara saw her intuition as part of her self, like eye color or an ability to do math well but she did not want to make a career out of it. Adults told her it was a nice hobby and pushed her towards university and a “real” career.

Tara started college to become an accountant, married at 19, and had two boys 13 months apart. She was reading part-time but life was not complete and she felt strongly that she was not on her chosen path. Intense migraines began to affect her and she knew she needed to make changes. Tara surrendered everything to Universe — as long as her children were okay, she was willing to do whatever was necessary to find balance!

Within a week synchronicity would lead Tara full circle. She found herself at a psychic fair being offered a booth at the next show by a total stranger. She began touring, dropped out of school and committed to working on her path full time. With shows and teaching, Tara spent on average 44 intense weeks a year on the road. She traveled Canada, from Ontario to British Columbia, doing readings, lectures, TV, and weekend courses. Her migraines disappeared.

For 12 years, Tara traveled long hours to balance work and family life. In 2003 Tara told Spirit that, if they wanted her to do the work, people would have to come to her. She quit the road to stay home. Her ever supportive husband Andrew learned code and built her a website. Tara’s work continued.

Today Tara works from her home. Clients from all over the world seek her out for advice. Tara continues to be committed to helping others and of being in service to her higher self and God Source.

“We are all a sliver of the same light, a light that cannot shine in its perfection until all of its pieces have come home”.

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