Private Sessions

I specialize in nine principle areas.

Each reading covers material in a different way, but each reading is done using clairvoyance and mediumship. During a session, I would prefer not to know much about you. I will ask for your birth date and I will read. I do not like to ask questions or have you tell me too much. At the end of the session if you would like to ask questions or share that is fine. I just want you to know, what I know, before you tell me. If I do not know the answer to your question, I will tell you that I do not know.

I will not ask you for your last name when booking the session. If you are coming with friends and booking multiple sessions, I do not need the name of each client. Why is this important? There are people out there googling clients before they arrive for a session. I want my clients to know that I am reading “cold” so to speak. Without your last name, I can not look you up.

Some of these services have their own pages where you can see samples and read more about what I do. I hope you enjoy my site.

Thank you.


Soul Art – Sketched in beautiful color for you, specifically of you, and explained in detail to give you a greater understanding of your spiritual path and challenges in the coming year.

Energy Scan – An auric drawing of your physical body and chakras. As it is explained, you will be given specific tips for working with your problem areas and an overall understanding of how your system is working.

Past Life Reading – Tara is a past life regressionist who works with these energies daily. In a reading, you are given information on one or two lives that will help you to understand and overcome issues still active in this life.

Forecast Reading – This reading covers your finances, career, relationships, and family. Tara channels the information from Spirit and then usually uses Tarot for an accurate time line. If you are uncomfortable with the Tarot, Tara can do this reading without them.

Palmistry – A detailed look at the wisdom found in the palm of your hand.

Numerology – Using your birth date, Tara will provide you with an understanding of your life path, your yearly cycles, and the cycles of those close to you. You will gain insight into your relationships.

Crystal Ball – This is probably the most misused of psychic tools and the most interesting. The ball is cleansed and charged with your energy by you. Tara reads whatever comes up in the ball for you. In many ways, this reading most closely resembles a teacup. (This reading is not available by phone.)

The Tea Cup – Come enjoy a delicious cup of whole leaf tea and discover what your cup holds for the future. This reading is great for parties, groups or teens because it can be a light fun reading which touches on many things; rather than an intense reading which really digs down into issues. If you are afraid of the Tarot the Teacup could be what you are looking for.

Direct Channeling – This is a reading for people who do not want any tools.

Channeling and Medium work is included in all readings at no additional charge.


1 Item  …… $120

2 Items ……$160

3 Items  ……$200

4 Items  ……$240

Teaching starts at $120 per hour.

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