What is Soul Art

When I look at people I can see the energies around them. I learned as a child to differentiate between auric energies and soul energy. I began to draw or map the flow of people’s soul energy. I came to understand what those energies meant. These sketches are known as Soul Art or Energy Pictures and I have been doing them for 40 years.

Today I can look at you and understand how you’re growing as a person, what you are trying to learn or overcome and who you are on a soul level.

What's It Like To Have Your Soul Art Done.

Imagine for a moment that you could see yourself as a living, breathing, expression of color and light. An image of you, as you really are, not as you believe yourself to be.

All that you are and all that you are becoming beautifully alive for you in a single image.

Imagine learning who you are and understanding the soul path you’re on. Know why you’re experiencing the inner changes and outer challenges that are vital for your spiritual refinement.

Imagine being empowered to learn and to make changes in a different, more effective way.  Attain inner peace and define all of those feelings, that you have only been able to glimpse, inside of yourself.