Spiritual Life Coaching

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People come to me when they’ve tried everything else, but they’re still in emotional trauma. Using spiritual principles I’ve learned from my Guides and Angels I help people unlock and let go of their emotional pain and karma. Together we identify the patterns that bind you too destructive cycles. Then, I help you develop the mindset to dissolve those cycles. You will learn the framework to live your life in flow with happiness, confidence, and peace.

As you take this journey the connection with your own intuition will awaken and grow in strength. If you feel helpless, or you’re in depression, if you can’t get past grief, I can help. Some people are lonely to the core of their being, others just want to understand how and why things happen. They want to release karma, heal, and get their soul work done so that they may ascend.

The wonderful thing about private coaching is having the flexibility to target your specific issues. Using a combination of skill development and learning styles that work best for you, we strategically track and tweak our approach to accelerate your personal growth. Knowledge of spiritual principles is common. Understanding how to transform these laws and processes into life skills in a rational, useful and transformative way is very rare.

I’m not a psychologist, I am a Spiritual Life Coach, so I can be direct with you. I can help you cut through years of struggle by being compassionate and gently blunt in my approach. My goal is to get you in touch with your soul, weed back your fear enough that you can get past it, and to coach you to a place where you’re comfortable being in flow. Progress should be a daily consequence of adjusting your thought process, perception, expectations and attractions. 

Spiritual Life Coaching is not a substitute for seeing a mental health care professional. I have clients who come for regular coaching sessions with me and then also see a psychologist. They find that we complement and balance each other out because we come at issues from different mind sets. I deal with issues of the soul, psychologists  believe in the mind and chemical reactions. There is a space for both beliefs but it is up to you to find the practice that is most effective for you.

I have taught and worked with clients from all over Canada and the world. Every one has their own unique issues and the ability for transformation. I hope you will take this opportunity to discover what we can do together.

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The Single Session

$ 160 CDN
  • An Introductory session to see if coaching is the right fit for you.
  • A great option for someone with a situational problem requiring a quick focused solution.
  • A pay as you go solution for someone who needs a session only a couple of times a year.

Three Session Value Bundle

$ 420 CDN
  • Save $60 off the cost of your sessions by making a small three visit commitment.
  • Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to do something for yourself.
  • Pay upfront or with an auto payment plan. (See the Private Coaching Page for more details.)

Six Session Value Bundle

$ 780 CDN
  • Save $180 off the cost of your sessions by making a small six visit commitment.
  • Make a commitment too long term transformation, spiritual growth and healing.
  • Pay upfront or with an auto payment plan. (See the Private Coaching page for more details.)
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