Understanding and Working With Karma


Karma is one of our greatest tools for soul growth. It provides each one of us with the opportunity to relearn Acceptance, Compassion and, Forgiveness. The Law of Karma is one of attraction. It says simply that you will attract whatever you need for maximum soul evolution. Whatever it takes for you to gain Acceptance, Compassion, and Forgiveness will be drawn to you. Karma will not give up, if you do not learn the first time it will return again and again, a bit stronger each time until you finally learn the lesson and release the emotion. This can take lifetimes when a soul is stubborn and stuck in their own stuff.

Two ingredients are required to activate Karma:

1. Judgment of a soul or situation

2. Emotion about the judgment

Remember that nothing happens by accident, there are no victims, only opportunities to grow and release old issues. Everyone who is involved, is there for learning. There are no exceptions. Ever.

Change the way that you look at yourself and the life you are living. Begin to look at life events from a different perspective. Remember that you are responsible for every thought and action that you have and that your future will be directed by your present. As you walk through life, do not let the mundane tranquilize your emotions. Pay attention to your emotions. They are writing checks you will have to cover at some point.

Study the issues of your life with vigor. The goal is to understand how you attracted and created the situations in your life. How can you resolve them in the best possible way and what will you learn about yourself from the process? Can you accept everything that took place? Can you have compassion for everyone involved and forgive everyone including yourself? Squeeze every last drop of wisdom out of any challenge.

Pick an issue from your life and try this quiz:

1. What can I learn from this issue in my life that would make me a better person? What could Karma be trying to teach me?

2. What can the other people involved be trying to learn that would help them? (Ask this in love! And then let them learn it for themselves.)

3. How can you support each person involved in a loving and nurturing way without getting in the way of a soul learning their lessons?

4. How can you change your attitude to dissolve existing Karma and to prevent more from developing?

Understand that the issues you are dealing with now could easily have been generated in past lives. You do not have all the facts because you cannot remember your past lives. Forgetfulness does not make you any less responsible for your attitudes and judgments.

Trying to control a situation for someone else will only create Karma for you. Learn the art of detachment! Be supportive by listening but let people learn on their own. The key is to love and accept a person without taking on an emotional charge for the outcomes they choose. Allow them the freedom to create and be what they need to be for learning and growth. Do not ride emotional roller-coasters for other people.

If you condemn someone for something, no matter how awful, then you commit yourself to attracting a situation at some point in the future when you will find yourself guilty of the same behavior. You will learn compassion by experiencing it for yourself. Instead, practice the art of forgiveness and acceptance so that you can free yourself and others from a painful karmic cycle.

Remember that judgment creates Karma and, it limits freedom. Be aware of the judgments that you are making and ask yourself if they are necessary. Remember that you can only choose for yourself and that principles are just another form of judgment. Love cannot exist in the same space as judgment because it breeds insecurity.

If it is not your issue to begin with, why take it on? I can have compassion for the lessons a soul is learning and I can be a part of a community that says, “Hey, you mucked up and there are consequences” but I can still have compassion for a soul in that process. This experience is how the soul will learn.

Learn to listen to the emotional signals you are being sent. Emotion is not a weakness! It is a trigger that says, “Hey, over here, you have something to learn.” If you listen and release the emotion as it arises then you work much faster at your soul evolution. Remember that the people who draw the greatest emotion from you are your greatest teachers. We don’t learn as much from the people that we love as we will from the ones we hate!

We have spent many past lives locked in patterns of fear that have generated much hate, fear and other strong emotions. If you have fears or phobias, or people you just can’t get along with, but don’t know why, the answers could lie in the past. You owe it to yourself to figure out where it all began and to break it down. Have a past life reading, or a regression, with someone who knows what she is doing!

Think of Karma as an escape ladder home.


Overcome your fears. It is the best thing you can do for yourself, just be careful as you do it so you don’t end up creating more fear than you had before. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?” Accept it and go try it. Hold a snake, climb the stairs, sky dive. Do it in a supportive environment where overcoming the fear is the goal. Find supportive people that will help you. Utilize positive visualization and manifestation techniques. Keep a journal and celebrate your successes.

Imagine how you would see your life if you put it into perspective in this way. Can you see certain souls that drive you crazy in this life living with you in previous ones? Can you understand how important it becomes to resolve each and every issue for yourself while you are aware of how it evolved? You will carry unresolved issues forward into a next life, that is forced upon you by those issues, until you will choose to resolve them permanently.

Keep in mind that emotion, or as I like to think of it e-motion, is a negatively charged acidic energy. Love, hope, joy excitement are not what I consider e-motion. These are energies that exist at God Source. These energies bind us together rather than tear us apart. Practicing love without expectation is a healing tool that more people need to utilize. Don’t ever shut down your heart!

If you would like greater understanding of the specific Karmic issues active in your life you should consider a Private Session with Tara Wade.

Using Channeling, Past Life information, or Soul Art, Tara can give you insight and and direction for accelerated growth and release of these unhealthy patterns. Tara can help you find balance and flow in your life.

2 thoughts on “Understanding and Working With Karma

  • October 29, 2017 at 9:16 PM


    I absolutely loved this post. For me, it has always been a challenge to explain karma to people but maybe from the next time I will use your words to do the same, it is like my own thoughts reflecting back to me and telling me how to express my views in proper words.

    This is the right perspective to look at karma. People have attached so many false notions with the word “karma” as if it is a ghost coming back for revenge, they want to escape any kind of trouble beforehand but of what use is to come to this planet if we are not evolving spiritually?

    I believe we all have chosen our problems because maybe on a soul level we want to deal with them to learn something new. And as you have mentioned, if we don’t learn anything it will come back over and over again, that’s why we see a certain pattern in people’s lives isn’t it?

    What a good read, keep sharing your knowledge with people, I am sure it will reach whoever’s higher self is desiring it at the right time!

  • November 7, 2017 at 12:21 PM

    Yes. It is really important that people understand that karma is a tool for soul transformation. I think it is so sad when we repeat the same cycle without learning anything. We are so busy looking outwards in a defensive way that we miss the gift of greater self awareness that each day brings.

    Thank you for the feedback and for visiting my site.


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