I have a lot of deeply held spiritual beliefs that I share with my clients as they are needed. For years people have been asking me to write a book because they love what I am saying but know that they won’t remember it all. When I started looking at building a new website, that I could care for myself, I knew this had to be a part of the site.

This page is for articles written about my core beliefs rather than advice I would give on life. The topics are so in depth that I am only touching the surface a bit in each article. I hope to add more in the future. Who knows, I may actually get to that book. 😉

I begin this page with my usual note of caution.
Within each of us lies a readiness to embrace growth. It’s only in the degree and
direction that we differ. A spiritual path cannot be rushed and truth is
fleeting to those that can’t harmonize with it. Some ideas will feel
right, sit within your mind in a prominent place, waiting for you to
grasp them, waiting for you to transform them.

Within all truth there must be a perception and absorption to create wisdom. Do not
rush or your perception will suffer. I am frequently advised by Spirit
to read for the questions that will come from the reading rather than
the information that comes from the text. Do not embrace an idea as
truth, no matter how appealing the subject matter or how accepted the
source, unless, or until, it feels right for you.

To feel if something is right is not an emotional response, it is a practiced state
of waiting for confirmation from the gut that something is right. It is
a feeling beyond bias. Take what feels right, even if it is only a
sentence from a book, and leave the rest behind. The truth in a sentence
may be strong and just but it cannot validate that which exists around
it. Use the ideas to explore and question your perceptions of reality.
Ideas should be the ladders that move us to new heights of being. They
are the tools to forge our freedom from suffering.
I know that only what I hold to be true, I ask you to do the same. Go where you are led. Climb higher!
The articles here have been written at the request of Spirit or clients. I hope that
you will enjoy your visit and return again. Check back frequently for
more announcements, updates, and new articles