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We build special bonds with our pets due in part to their ability to love and accept us. They do have souls like our own but I do not believe that each and every one of us, have ever been animals.

Animals serve a very high purpose on this plane. Throughout history there has always been talk of animal familiars around gifted people. The witch’s cat or the sorcerer’s owl. These stories are no coincidence. Animals can choose to be of service to a person seeking a connection .

We see this every day in the eyes of the devoted family dog or cat. We may not be aware enough to truly develop that relationship but it stands as one of intense support, love, and consistency. How many times has a pet been there to help you through an overwhelming emotional challenge?

Animals live in the physical and spirit realms simultaneously so they can process energies in a way that we can’t. While we are anchored to the physical, with that over sized lump of meat we call a brain, they are living in the moment. When you form an emotional bond with an animal and the bond is reciprocated, your animal friend can help you to tune and refine your energies. This process can only happen when there is total trust and a strong communication among the human animal pair. Your dog or bird or cat, must be in a frequently relaxed state and be willing to open her energy to you. You must be aware and attentive enough to seek the connection.

There are two ways that people end up with animal familiars.

First, an animal may adopt you. She just shows up one day when you are in need of help to progress spiritually! You can’t ignore the strong connection so, you bring her in and adopt her. As time goes on and the bond builds, a connection develops naturally without much thought. It is an intuitive predestined connection. This is the easy way!

If you are not lucky enough to have an animal familiar come to you, you can create the opportunity by adopting a puppy(or bird, or giraffe etc.) and then nurturing that relationship.

Remember that adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment that should not be broken.
Even if you do not get everything you want from your pet, you still have a soul obligation to nurture her for the duration of her life. If you do not base your relationship on mutual respect, unconditional love and safety, you will not find the connection you seek.

This means you can’t hit a dog or starve it and expect a familiar relationship. Sacrificing animals is a scar upon the soul that causes great karma. You must treat an animal with the same care you would want, if you were that animal. In order for your pet to reach the potential you seek, she must be loved and cared for.

It is not enough to just love your pet. You must train her and engage your pet in some kind of work, even if she is just a cat. The ritual or routine of training your puppy (insert bird, dragon, snail etc.) is important because it teaches both of you how to communicate and to anticipate each others needs. This is the basic step you must climb before the real work can begin. It is what cements trust. Remember that you must give in order to receive.

If you live in or as a constant state of chaos, you cannot expect to find what I am talking about. You can be busy but YOU must be in a state where you are paying attention to the feel of the world around you. I am going to use the example of a dog as it is what most people are familiar with.

When you go for a walk, are you doing it because you have to? Is it a chore? Do you play your music while you walk or multitask with your phone? This clutter must be eliminated if you ever hope to understand what I am writing about.

Put everything away, make this about you and your dog. Think of this as your time of sanity from everything else in the world. Do not leave the house until you have a positive calm attitude and you are open to the experience. You will feel the difference and so will your dog.

Be in the moment with your pet. This should be a walking meditation that lifts you up with joy. Take the time to really see the world. Feel the ground and the air as you walk. Learn to walk in togetherness rather than competition. Walk in nature, even if it is just at the park or on a bike trail. Try to get away from all the noise. Listen past it, feel past it. This is how you reach for that connection. Breathe, nice deep whole breathes, not those shallow things that keep you in your zombie state. You must be relaxed and aware. Use movement rather than words, feel the direction, open to communicating telepathically.


Animals are safe entities to make higher connections with. This is why we crave them in our lives. They allow us to practice love and contentedness in a defensive free way. This is a critical skill for soul growth.

You must train and engage your pet in some kind of work, even if she is just a cat. The ritual or routine of training your puppy (insert bird, dragon, snail etc.) is important because it teaches both of you how to communicate with one another and to anticipate each others needs. This is the basic step you must climb before the real work can begin. It is what cements trust. Remember that you must give in order to receive.

Working with an animal familiar is a tricky thing and the human must seek balance in all areas of life for it to work.
Build the animal-person relationship, but stay in balance with the rest of your life at the same time. Some people fall under the spell of their pets and come to only need their pet. It is an addictive and powerful connection that can allow you to do incredible things if, the two of you direct your energies together in exact ways. Remember, an animal is supposed to enhance and share your life, not be your life. You still need family, friends, and goals to meet your life purpose.


If you cease to interact in a meaningful way with the rest of the world, the relationship with your pet becomes a suffocating force in your soul’s growth. Your higher self can take action to remove the pet from your life because you are so attached.

I would like to share the story of Michelle, a woman I know, who naturally attracts familiars.

Michelle was destined to work with animals, on an intuitive level, she knew that as a child. She would beg her parents for a pet and finally after many months or even years they would grudgingly give in. They loved her and wanted her to be happy.

Michelle would get a dog and be totally devoted to it. The familiar bond would begin to grow and Michelle would cut out everything else from her life. Forget friends, she was rushing home to be with her dog. Even at school her beloved pet would occupy her mind. So, each time she tried to love an animal, the inevitable would happen. The pet would die.

Michelle lost three dogs to vehicles running them over, despite crazy lengths to keep them safe. She lost a guinea pig because it had a tooth in the back of her throat and eventually it starved. She lost another dog to distemper and one to kidneys shutting down. The woman had the worst luck! She tried birds. She got an African Grey parrot that died from seizures and an Eclectus parrot that got thyroid disease, turned bald and eventually died. Michelle was devastated and came, finally, to the realization that bringing an animal into her home was just sentencing it to death!

Eventually Michelle married, had children and a career. As time went on, her children began to pester her to get a dog. Torn between the pain of losing a pet and the frustration of not wanting to be that parent, the one that says “No” all the time, Michelle made the scary decision to get a puppy. She promised herself that she would limit her interaction with it. Crazy, right?

As you can imagine, it was a plan doomed to failure! Puppies are sooo cute! Michelle was feeding it and house training it. Her kids quickly lost interest in the dog and by then, the dog was firmly attached to her. Michelle waited for the inevitable but it did not come. About fifteen years later, the dog died of old age. So, what happened?

Michelle was forced to live her life with the dog in balance because she had other people who were important to her. She took time for the dog but not at the expense of everything else. Her approach this time was as inclusive to other interests as it was devoted to her dog. She loved the dog, used her time with him as the spiritual break she needed, and then went back to the rest of her life. It is all about balance. The point is, pets are here to help and support the work you need to do with others. In the end Michelle was able to grow because of her relationship with the dog, not despite it.

So, you have trained your puppy and yourself, to be in balance together, now what?

You must visualize communication with your pet if you want to see results. Do this before bed when you are both tucked in for the night, relaxed and comfortable.

Close your eyes and begin the visualization.
Ask your dog for permission to share and communicate with her in this way. Do not proceed until you feel your dog has accepted.

Keep the message simple. It’s okay to use words but there must be imagery there as well. Try something simple like, in the morning when you first get up, you can sit on my chair, if you let me pet you now.      (This would only work if puppy was not usually allowed on your chair. The treat I used with my dog was going potty out the front door instead of going to the back yard. This is a favorite treat for her that I use sparingly. This way it keeps its appeal.)

Wait until you feel that the puppy has accepted your offer. If the puppy does not accept your offer, or you feel resistance, end the visualization. Focus on trust building and positive reinforcement of your relationship.

Visualize petting the puppy. Make the experience come alive in your mind. Feel the texture of the fur, the body heat, the dog’s body move as it breathes. Be there, actually petting the dog, just in your mind.

Build your visualization with emotional imagery. Strong, positive, energy based visualizations are going to have the most impact because this is what is easiest for the puppy to connect to. You have to fully engage all of your senses as if you were actually petting the pup.

Remember to express how happy you are with your pup for letting you do the task (petting). Say, thank you. Leave the visualization on a peaceful high filled with love and gratitude.

In the morning, watch and see if your puppy takes the reward you offered in the visualization. Do not prompt her, that is cheating! If she goes for the reward, praise her for a job well done. You now know that a connection was made on both sides.

If you would like more information on building a familiar relationship with an animal, visit me over at for information and ideas. (Site is coming January 2018)

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