Ego From A Spiritual Context

Everything that you are, that is not a soul element, is Ego.

Like all energy, Ego has a base cellular frequency. This frequency is a crude byproduct of self-distortion; drastically slower, denser and more acidic than the frequency of our collective self at God Source.

Ego is like a frog in a blender. At slow speeds the frog enjoys the relaxing swirl of the surrounding water, learning to adapt to the current and to keep its feet out of the way of the blades. After a while, the frog becomes comfortable enough to forget the careful balancing act it is engaged in. It feels strong, confident, and safe.

Increasing frequency is like speeding up the blender, it becomes harder for the frog to keep its balance, emotions increase as the frog struggles to maintain control of its place in the water. The frog gets heavier, panicked and unstable. Eventually as the current increases and flow overtakes the frog, he ends up a milkshake. The only way for the frog to survive is for it to be light enough to float gently at the surface, free from the currents below. The frog was not uniquely designed to live in a blender, his natural state is a slow moving or still pond of limited dimension. It has only poorly adapted to the blender so the frog is doomed to failure as things speed up.

Here is the thing, we are not the frog, we are the water in the blender. Without the frog, the water can spin at an infinite rate, free from conflict. It can take any shape or form and be found in any substance. The frog is the foreign object, the point of conflict that must be released before it contaminates us, the water, further.

Our natural state is a very fast, fluid plane of consciousness where we exist in the duality of the individual and collective self. The vibration is too high to sustain Ego. We need to understand that these frequencies are too oppositional to survive simultaneously regardless of how well-intentioned they may be.

Our only choice then is to surrender the Ego and move on to higher planes. This sounds simple and it can be, but usually it’s not. Remember that you have spent lifetimes creating and nurturing this consciousness. You have given it life. You are its parent, its protector, and you rely on it.

Ego will fight for survival. It follows you from one lifetime to the next, and the next, and the next…. It is closer to you on this plane than anyone one else is but… ego is the reason you are stuck here. You cannot destroy ego in the typical ways because the more energy you direct towards it, the stronger it becomes. Like a disease, ego will simply mutate to fit any existing condition.

So, you must be stronger than the Ego and eliminate it in the only way possible: you must eliminate its food supply! The more you think about it, argue with it, or engage it in any way, the more energy you are giving it. You are feeding it.

As its creator, you are the only one that has the power to eliminate it. This is a two-step process:

1. You need to stop giving Ego power. You need to stop engaging it.

2. You need to take back your power. You need to live selfishly. (In the soul element way rather than in an egoish way)

Think for a minute about the good things Ego does for us. It makes us feel confident, powerful, capable, special, needed, justified and individual.

We are all a part of a single whole joined in perfect love. Each one of us is uniquely a part of the whole. Can you read this without feeling a little irritated? Does part of you ask, “These must be one part that’s more special than the rest? If we are all equal and loved, where is the fun in that? How can I be special? How do I win? How do I accomplish anything? Someone has to be in charge or at the top, right?”

We are taught that, in life, there is a pecking order. On the God plane, that’s not true. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, they are all equal parts of the whole with you. You are loved and cherished just as much as these wise teachers. No one is more special than another. Your value is intrinsic; you are a sliver of God Source. It’s as easy as that. To ascend, Masters must accept the truth that we can be whole and individual all at once. We can share all and still have all in any given second. To find peace you must release ego and see yourself as you really are. The desire to protect, or to be better, or more important, than someone else will destroy you. It will hold you back from knowing Source and the love that is your birthright as a soul. Ego is the part of you that is trying to pick huge holes in what I’m telling you. Push it aside if you can and feel the truth for yourself.

You have a choice: Choose to put your true Self first.

Consciously choose to transfer your energy to the soul elements. Each time you make decisions based on honoring your soul elements, you strengthen those elements and weaken the ego by cutting off the ego’s food supply.

This is the process of soul re-evolution or ascension.

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