Angels, Spirit Guides and God Source


Imagine a beautiful ocean of god consciousness. There is no top or bottom. Just a flow of individual drops of water dancing in harmony to make up the larger body of water. Each drop of water is bonded to the next through love, acceptance, and the other essential soul elements. To live at source would be like living online in your head. You have a choice to BE individually or collectively in any instant with no fear of judgment. You are a part of the whole, like a toe to the foot, or a finger to the hand. It’s who WE are. It is what you crave on an inner level, home.
And one day you will return.

This ocean has a very high frequency of energy. Remember that emotion does not exist at source because like ego it is formed and maintained in the extremely dense earth plane energies. God source is in flow at speeds we cannot begin to comprehend from our present plane of consciousness.

There are levels of vibration and light. The closer we move towards home the faster the frequency becomes. Imagine floating in a blender with the power off, it could be quite relaxing. As you move up in frequency the power is turned on and the speed is adjusted. What was relaxing becomes invigorating, then becomes painful, and eventually you end up a milkshake. Ego and emotion make our energy too dense and sluggish to survive at higher levels so it must be shed before we seek those higher vibratory levels.

This is why our refinement process is so important. Without releasing the layers of distortion, we have coated ourselves in, we cannot return home. You need to understand that no one and nothing is actively preventing you from returning home. We choose to retain the dense energies that hold us here.

The souls still with Source recognize our absence and they wait patiently for our return. The ocean will not be complete until every last soul returns. What is a hand without its fingers?


When I was seven I asked my Spirit Guide what, if anything, could kill a soul? My grandmother had just passed away and I was terribly focused on her safety. Grandma believed it took three days for the soul to reach heaven and I was worried that she would get lost. As a child I could see ghosts and I knew that not everyone got to go to heaven.

What was my Spirit Guide’s reply? Just one word at first, “Loneliness”

This made perfect sense to me because I have always felt someone there beside me. It was also a very scary thought. As an adult I consider the lengths people go to feel loved, accepted, part of a community; and I understand where that need comes from. We hold the memory of what it feels like to be a part of God Source and we are haunted by the memory of belonging. Our existence is dependent on it. When we chose to enter into this experiment of individuality we did so carefully. For each soul that agreed to come into body at least one more soul chose to partner with that soul so that we would never be alone. These souls have followed us through each lifetime staying far enough away to remain detached from the density here but close enough that they are with us always.


These are our Angels.

Angels offer us protection when we ask, and strength when we need it, they are constant companions of incredible strength. They live in both planes of consciousness at once. Can you imagine moving from our dense physical hell to our quicker than light vibrantly alive home? It is a huge undertaking, to be able to harmonize your frequency with extreme vibratory rates at opposing ends of the spectrum. Yet Angels have had to master the skill slowly over time. As we fell in consciousness and vibratory rate, they had to adapt to hold onto us. Angels have become the teachers we each must follow to eventually make the transformation home to quicker or higher realms. They have the knowledge to help when we are ready to take that step.

Angels have no ego, they make no judgment or attachment. They perceive the physical world as it really is, an illusion created by us, just a game or thought experiment. They have never been in body so they do not relate to our challenges the way we do. Angels could not do what they do, if they did. If you ask an Angel how to deal with your anger they will say, “love” or ” seek compassion”. They have never felt the hold of emotions like neediness, desire or desperation. It is a gift that allows them to look past the crud we have coated our self with. Angels look to the light that shines within each of us. They will not let go.

Remember, and be comforted, for you will never be alone, not for a single second of this great eternity. You are truly loved and watched over no matter what you do. It is the wonder of an Angel!

If you are lucky enough to have an encounter with an Angel, you will no doubt be aware of how intense their energy truly is. I compare it to being hit by a bolt of lightning. That fried feeling your left with can last days or weeks. The experience is extremely special. Our energy bodies are instinctively open to interaction with Angels, it is a core function of the soul after all. Yet we live in a very fragile state so, Angels choose to work from a distance because we cannot handle the interaction with their energy.

Angels must have a specific purpose for interfering with our game self. When, we are in physical trauma, Angels can step in to offer us the energy that we need to stay in body or to escape from it. This is why people who have near death experiences see Angels. When we are at very low points emotionally and just need a spark to recover or, when we are trying to absorb truth and need a boost to hold the energy; Angels are there. Interactions are rare. Unless you are in physical crisis, interventions usually happen when you are asleep. When you are unconscious or in deep meditation, Angels can work with your higher energies. This way they create minimal stress to the Ego and analytical mind in the process. Given that an Angel has no true understanding of our struggles and, that they risk frying us when they get close, how do Angels give us guidance? Are we just left on our own to sink or swim? Or is there someone else that we look to for that help?


Angels have never been in body or felt emotion so looking to them for help is like asking a toddler to fly a jet plane.

Spirit Guides

Let’s say you have spent a few lifetimes overcoming a difficult issue and have finally succeeded. Let’s also suggest that during that time you have refined your soul energies enough to truly accept that people must learn at their own pace. You now have the ability to coach another soul through the same issues that you have previously mastered. You have to be able to do this without getting emotionally or egoishly involved in the outcome. A Spirit Guide is detached enough to want to help, without wanting to control the process.

Perhaps you choose to work from the other side as a Spirit Guide. To work as a Spirit Guide is truly an act of love and a commitment to the collective. It is the recognition of the collective in action.

Most people in body have two or three Spirit Guides with them depending on the amount of workload they have chosen to carry. A guide will follow you around starting at birth so by the time you need them, you will be more than comfortable with their energies. The invisible friend you played with as a kid is still there, offering advice, and following you around. You feel your Spirit Guides influence as an extension of yourself. Your Spirit Guide feels your energy in the same way. For your Guide, it is a practice of unconditional love and a reminder of how it feels to connect at source. This connection feeds both of you at a soul level, it provides critical nourishment. It also gives the guide some practice working between different vibratory rates of consciousness. It is a skill that must be mastered before we end the game. Out of body a Spirit guide will have more interaction with Angels because he is aware of what is going on. He practices reaching up as the Angel is reaching down. It is important to note that most people can’t handle taking on a new Spirit Guide part way through their life. It would feel as if you were being watched. People can over-react to the feeling, change careers or spouses, all because something doesn’t feel right or the same anymore. There is a real chance that the connection between the two souls would fail as the person in body resists the foreign influence. Almost always, we pick our Spirit Guides before birth and no new ones are taken on. Losing a Guide would be emotionally debilitating and cause extreme issues of its own. The Spirit Guide commitment is therefore a full lifetime commitment

People often think that a loved one who has passed on is watching over them. Probably a topic for another article, but it should be noted here that, this is not the case. Loved ones can be around you, but they are not usually allowed to influence you from the other side. They do not die and take over as your guide. You have to many active emotions about the dead for them to be a clear objective source of support and direction. The dead may not have mastered the issues you are dealing with. The conflicted emotions and expectations they have for you, which you may not have for yourself, would also cause harm. Loved ones can have too much influence for the wrong reasons. Imagine how you would feel knowing that your Mom, whom you love dearly, could know every thought and action you have or will ever have in the future. It is too much to expect.

When you eventually cross over, you will have people you know and can trust standing by to help in your transition. Remember as you head into the washroom by yourself next time that… you take along with you an Angel or two, plus two or three Spirit Guides.

And you were afraid of being alone.


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