An Introduction To God Source

So many us long to know what Heaven is. Here is my explanation of God Source as explained by my Spirit Guides.

Imagine a beautiful, perfectly clear, vibrant ocean spread out before you as far as the eye can see. There is not a speck of pollution to mar its perfection in any way. This is God Source. It is no coincidence that water is the universal symbol of God on this Earth plane. This is why it exists in all states and also why we are mostly water.

Now imagine that each and every drop of water in that ocean of consciousness is a soul. Each soul interacts both as an individual and as a unique part of the whole. I think of the internet and my computer when trying to understand this duality. I am me, all of my thoughts, experience, creativity, are uniquely mine. I will never loose who I am, I am treasured as unique. I can create ideas (files) and choose to keep them to myself or I can choose to share an expression of myself with everyone; by opening to source. I can put them online so to speak. I have the choice.

In our natural state we are energy with no physical form or language like we use here. Communication is done telepathically, messages are experienced with all of our senses, so there is much less confusion over interpretation. I can interpret something differently from other souls but there is no angst to make one perception better than another perception. There is no lack of resources to create conflict and there is a total acceptance of each other and a deep love for one another that binds us together. We are not seeking the physical and emotional needs that come from being on the physical plane. Different interpretations create more color and depth to ideas rather than struggle. It is impossible for us to comprehend what I am talking about. We are so lost in the illusion of the physical world.

We exist at source in a place of total love and acceptance with the free will and creativity to choose our experience from moment to moment. There is no ego or issues of power here. Each soul is cherished as a part of the whole and no single soul is loved more than another because each soul receives and gives ultimate love. We are all equal in our perfection. There is no pyramid of power, need for a leader or servant.

The reality of who and what we are defies comprehension because we have been conditioned in our physical reality to accept false restrictions.

There was a time when we had no concept of individuality as we know it here in the physical. We wondered what it would be like to exist as an individual, with no knowledge of the whole as we really are. The concept was as unknown and foreign to us then, as being a part of the whole is to us now. We wanted to expand our understanding of it and our self so we created the physical realm to play and see what would happen.

Some souls chose to leave God Source in order to experience and experiment with the illusion of separateness. We are that group of souls and when our project is complete we will regain our higher consciousness with new insight and truth that we will then share with the whole. We are like kids caught up in a video game, except we have forgotten that it is just a game.

It is important to make clear here that, we have not been abandoned or forgotten by Source. We are dear to the whole, they cannot be whole without us and our return is anticipated to from above and below. We will not leave anyone behind, or cut anyone out. We are all a part of the same whole! We need every last sliver of God Source to be complete.

Every soul is precious!

No soul will ever be abandoned!

To give up on another is to give up on yourself!

There is nothing you can do in the physical to destroy your soul!

Love is absolute!

We could only guess what being vulnerable or mortal would be like. We were suddenly in a world of lack and struggle, rather than abundance and love. There are so many unique variables here in the physical realm that we could not foresee from outside of the experiment. No one could have guessed what would happen. Despite this, we built safe guards into the system so that we will all get out eventually. We are not really in danger of anything here. Even time is an illusion. All that matters is us. We must get ourselves sorted so that we can go home. We must love each other and our self through and beyond the Chaos. We must remember what love is and how to love.

In order to go home to God Source, we must first choose to love each individual soul absolutely with all of our heart. This is vital! Emotion, or e-motion as I like to think of it, is a reaction to distortion. This is a plane of distortion, very little is what it appears to be. Take a chemistry class and learn about matter and molecular theory if you do not believe me. I am not saying that our lives are not important. We have to deal with the physical realm, we are invested in it. We are here to experience and savor life. To try to ignore the world around you would just be silly! Moving to a monastery and meditating your life away like the Buddha is not what I am suggesting either. The challenge is to be awake or aware as you live your life. That is what this site is about.

We need to heal our perception of reality to a state where we can embrace compassion and forgiveness enough to let go of the struggle and hurt. We need to strengthen the elements of our soul and weaken the crust of Ego and Fear that controls us. Then we can reach the point of critical mass where we have a choice of letting it all go, embracing love and opening to the rest of who we are or, of falling back into sleep. When we let go of e-motion, raise our vibratory rates enough that we can comprehend who we are we will then return home. This is what we need to do. The more souls who reach this point of awareness while in body, the easier a path they leave for others to follow.

I could write a book on this topic, it is so involved. I Just want to share a little so that you can understand where I am coming from and why I value everything the way I do.

E-motion has a base cellular frequency that vibrates at very low rates. God source is very fast, faster than light. The two energies cannot exist in the same space without one overtaking the other. It is like light and darkness. They can act on each other but they cannot exist together in the same single point of being without becoming something else. There is no pollution of at Source. Base cellular frequencies will not allow it.

Anything that prevents us from opening and expressing love completely must be released. Each of us must master and utilize the processes of Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Forgiveness without condition of any kind. When this is done you will ascend instantly.

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