A Conversation On Emotion


It’s always amazing to me how much wisdom can be packed into a single short message. That message, when repeated over and over again, can have an enormous amount of power. Think about the messages that were passed on to you over the course of your life and the way those messages have become one aspect of the foundation for the way you behave or look at the world.

My mother used to always say to me, “Just do the best you can.” You will still hear her tell my father that “Spirit will provide.” My sister’s message was always to “Seek the root of harmony,” which was said so frequently that my sister knew when it was coming. Even when Mom isn’t there to say it, we can hear the words ring through our mind, over and over, at the appropriate time.

Most of the big concepts I get from Spirit come in little packages at relevant moments. You really have to think and feel about it before you get past the understanding and into the truth. The e-motion discussion took a while for me to understand because the message was always delivered when I was too irritated or too stuck in my emotion to listen.

There are 3 short messages my guide uses to let me know when I need to pay attention.

The first comment, “You’re generating e-motion,” is the most irritating one because it’s a confirmation for me. I need to deal with me and it’s going to take work. There’s something for me to learn. It’s soul search, or rather Ego search, time.

The second message, “You can’t see through your e-motion,” seems to be a good catch phrase for a lot of scenarios but it always means “clear your space, ground and begin again.” I am becoming part of the problem or making it bigger than it needs to be.

The third message, “If it’s not your e-motion, why are you taking it on,” is always a reminder to think about what I am calling forth into my life. I went through a real CNN phase for a while and this was a constant comment. The point was not to ignore the world and things that are uncomfortable. The point was to show compassion without being a sponge; to view the world from an Oversoul perspective; to let go of the victim mentalities that are so common on this plane. Immersing yourself in news for five and six hours a day will do drastic things to your vibratory rates and how you feel about life.

By now, you are probably wondering about my funky spelling of the word e-motion. Think back to your high school chemistry classes: acids, bases, neutrons, electrons, compounds, etc. Energy chemistry works on the very same principles. Some chemicals are short electrons and must steal electrons from other substances until it is whole or neutral.

Now think about energies that are generated from the Ego, such as but not limited to, anger, hurt, rejection, greed, or even control. What do all of these emotions have in common? They all require that you get something from someone else in order to feel good again, they are acidic.

These emotions all represent a hunger caused by a lack of inner awareness of Self. The Ego leads you to believe that if you could just get the house, money, recognition, or love that you want, you would he happy or whole again.

You should know from experience by now that this will never work but, many of us will continue to try again and again anyway. The problem is that the more e-motion you let into your energy the more it grows. The more acidic your energy is, the more desperate you become. Can you see that spelling or pronouncing the word in this way clarifies its meaning. It reminds us of what we are growing in our heart and coating our soul in?

Remember that any path you choose to walk is a good one because you will always attract what you need for learning and growth. However, the less you need to learn, the better. When you add e-motion to judgment you get Karma. It is easier to find the path to enlightenment in the daylight than it is to stumble around aimlessly in the dark. E-motion creates darkness.

Energies such as joy, giving, and happiness are not emotions because they fill you up and neutralize e-motion. They are movements of the soul which should be nurtured and developed. It is just as easy to learn in joy as it is to learn in suffering but for some bizarre reason we choose to appreciate it less.

My question is, “Why do you accept that, you must suffer to attain?” I say, release this pattern now!

So, when Spirit says to me, “You’re generating e-motion,” I know that learning for me is present and a new challenge awaits me. The obvious thing to do would be take a time out and release and transform the energy before moving on. In a perfect world that’s my plan.

When a timeout is out of the question, I breathe nice deep breaths so that the energy moves through all of my chakras smoothly without creating blockages. I look for new facts, see things from other people’s viewpoints, generally assume that there is a good chance that I am screwy in my perception. Later, when I am calm, I burn up the pages journaling the issue from all the different angles until I am confident that I have resolved the issue in balance with the soul elements. I then focus on drawing into me the elements that were lacking.

Take back your power from Ego; what you’re dealing with in the moment is rarely the issue. By looking to the soul elements to resolve the situation and conflicts, you grow and succeed. You feel full and whole.

“You can’t see through e-motion” reminds me that clarity only comes with peace. I only cement the issues even deeper into place if I take on e-motion over a situation. There are times when I am reading for a client that I want to desperately have a “Do this” answer for them that will fix it all. I am, in effect, taking on e-motion and losing my ability to see what I need to. This then becomes Spirit’s way of telling me to surrender and accept so that I can help. It is good to have compassion for others but we must also have detachment.

I cannot make good choices or see truth when I am blinded by my e-motion!

Sometimes we feel heartless because something awful that has happened to someone else doesn’t bring up any reaction inside of us. There’s a good reason for this. Simply put, the event holds no learning for you. Remember that e-motion is a signal to your conscious self that learning is present. No learning, no reaction. So if it’s not your e-motion, don’t adopt it. When you sit in your living room watching Law and Order or CNN and you allow yourself to be drawn into the fuss of it all, you do a great disservice to the group consciousness that we all share. Get your news quickly and then watch something that makes you laugh or discover something new instead.

Your frequency will rise to the occasion.

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