We need to understand why we are here, what specific challenges we are struggling with, and why we are attracting certain obstacles in our life.

There is a way to live in flow, maintain rewarding and intimate relationships, recover financially, let go of guilt, and heal pain.  I’m here to help.

Tara Wade has been psychic all of her life. As a child she played with invisible friends (ghosts) and knew things before anyone else did. While in elementary school, Tara learned tough lessons about other people’s fears and biases. Today, people are much more accepting of her gifts than they were back then. 

Thankfully, she was stubborn and refused to hide her gifts. In Grade 7, Tara joined the Psychic Society in her home town and regularly attended their meditation circles. 

Despite being the youngest in the group, Tara began leading meditations and doing mini-readings for members. Her talent to channel and see spirit fascinated the group. That’s how she came to read professionally. It was her first real job. Some of those original clients still call her for readings today and recommend her to friends. 

Tara spent over 20 years on the road working 44 weeks a year with Canada’s top trade show promoters. When she was not at a show, she was teaching workshops and courses. People have begged her to write a book for decades, but she’s never found the time. The scope was too vast for her to wrangle onto paper.

If you’ve ever seen her lecture, you’ll know that she’s an amazing channel and natural born teacher. With her guides, Tara has helped people all over the world to make positive changes in their lives.

If you understand the dance between your soul path and the paths of others, it brings awareness. Awareness heals hurt, healing releases Karma, and that allows us to raise our vibratory rates high enough to access our higher self. That’s how we find peace. Tara can guide you through the incremental changes you need to reach this state of awareness.

Today, Tara is making her courses available online. She’s also working on a weekly podcast and YouTube channel to share what she has learned.

We all have free choice and not everyone is ready for the information here. Tara would be the first one to tell you to take what feels right and leave the rest behind. Whether you come for a session, to watch a show, to read an article, or to take a course, you’re most welcome here.

Enjoy the site.

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